To promote the development of  Kelly Bui Brand, Bach Duong Joint Stock Company would like to invite individuals and units to cooperate in the deployment and distribution of brand products Kelly Bui.
Kelly Bui shared commitment to support and maximum protection agents before the fluctuations of the market and competition.
Kelly Bui support fair and reasonable dealers nationwide.
Cooperation motto of KELLY BUI
- Build relationships long-term partnership on the basis of commitment to cooperation and shared goals
- Cooperation on the basis of respecting the interests and benefits both sides
- Regularly share information and timely support
- Commitment maximum protection agent you before the fluctuations of the market and competition.
Benefits for Agents
- Enjoy preferential rates
- To be considered for annual sales award
- To barter prescribed by Kelly Bui
- To Kelly Bui protection on prices.
Contact us at:
Sale Deparrtment - 5th floor, No.6 Bich Cau street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (04) 35562151 - (ext:245)
       (04) 35381905 - (ext:1)